2016 Scholarship

2016 Winner of the Iris Evans Scholarship for the Performing Arts
 My name is Julia Zalkovic, I am fifteen years old, and I have been playing the violin since I was six and a half years old. At the age of five I had already heard and seen the violin played a couple of times, and absolutely adored the sounds that the instrument was able to produce.

During the nine years that I have been playing the violin I have had many amazing opportunities to perform at numerous music festivals and competitions and to share my love for music with others.I received my first scholarship from the Edmonton Kiwanis Music Festival in 2010. Later on in 2012, I was accepted to play in the Edmonton Youth Orchestra as first violin. In 2013, I began competing at the Sherwood Park Music Festival and went on to receive the “Senior Strings Most Promising Competitor” in 2014, as well as the “Intermediate Strings Best Overall Performance” award for my performance of Fritz Kreisler’s “Praeludium and Allegro” in 2015. I also entered the Alexandra M. Munn Scholarship and John & Andrea Wallin Award in 2015 and was given a scholarship of $2000 for my performance of three pieces in front of a panel of judges.

I In September 2015, I was hired for my first job as a violin teacher at the Sherwood Park School of Music. I am very fond of my students and proud of how far they have come within the last five months under my guidance. This job has opened my eyes as to how my skills as a violinist can inspire the next generation; I have never felt so alive and happy as I am today due to being able to share my knowledge. I love performing in front of audiences so that I can share my passion with other people. Receiving scholarships can support my future career as a violinist and are a huge help. I have decided that I want to be involved with violin for the rest of my life; be it performing or teaching others to play.

I cannot visualize my life without listening to, or making music. I learn something new every day, thanks to violin.

Under the guidance of my current teacher, Martina Smazal, I am discovering ways that I , an work towards my goal. I am mastering so many new skills and techniques, and enjoying very bit of it. Violin has taught me life skills, and a new international language – music.

As of now, I live in a one income household, and the money saved from there, combined with the money from my job, still do not begin to cover lesson costs and violin equipment. This is the reason why I seek financial aid. I cannot see myself doing anything other than practicing on and performing with the violin. Both talent and practicing are a big part of playing an instrument, but equipment and lessons create the base for a musician’s abilities. This scholarship money would be used solely for those purposes.