• Left to Right front row: Don MacPherson, Kent Hough, Cheryl Stone, Colin Bonneau, Bon Lineker
  • Left to Right middle row: Hazel Muise, Sheila Smyth, Karen Denis, Gilles Denis, Deb Krahn, Marion van der Merwe
  • Left to Right back row: Alan Smyth, Derek Pyne. Cindy MacGowan, Richard Haagsma, Cathy Kovacs


The Festival Place Cultural Arts Foundation is a community supported registered society whose objectives are to educate and increase the local community’s understanding and appreciation of the arts; to provide assistance, both financial and education, to other charitable and not-for-profit organizations with similar objectives in the community and generally to advance the performing arts in the community.

Every membership and every donation makes a difference and your gift will help us in the furtherance of our objectives and goals.  Please consider joining us and making a tax-deductible gift now.

You may choose to join the Foundation and purchase a $20 membership for 1 full year OR you may support the Foundation of a one-time gift of $500, $250, $100, $50 or other. If you would like to remain anonymous, or make a gift on behalf of or in memory of an individual, all gifts over $20 automatically include a membership for the following year.


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